my desk

my “at-home” binders. i am obsessed with chevron.

 School starts on Tuesday. I just finished organizing my desk. Although I am going to miss summer, I am strangely excited for the year to start.

i have a separate bin for adhesives

I am a super nerd who loves note taking. I am not a fan of group projects, labs, or computer activities. But boy, do I love taking notes.

everything has a home on the coffee tray

I always carry my pencil case full of felt-tip pens in every color of the rainbow. I use about five of them per page.

gel highlighter obsessed

My other obsession after rainbow pens and note-taking is gel highlighters. They write like a crayon, and look like a highlighter [no bleeding through the page!]. I get mine at Staples.

I will only use mechanical pencils

Lastly, did you know that Martha Stewart makes office supplies? I discovered shelves and shelves of Martha blue notebooks and chalkboard tabs at Staples. Chalkboard tabs!?! I got about a cart-full.

How do you organize your desk?
With love,