point reyes

{who’s up for some shots of wheatgrass?}

It was just me, my dad, and miles of rolling, Californian hills. After passing herds of cows (quite exciting for a city kid like me) and cutting through deep valleys, we finally reached Point Reyes Station. Despite its location in the heart of rural California, there is a palpable progressive attitude here — from a compost station with the slogan “don’t take anyone else’s crap,” to wheatgrass available at almost every local eatery. It was the perfect way to escape the bustle of San Francisco for an afternoon and indulge in some vegan oatmeal raisin cookies.

I wanted to capture the essence of this new sort of “American Dream.” It’s alluring.

With love,

{a city girl like me gets quite excited by things like this}
{I think being a shutterbug is hereditary}
{Toby’s Feed Barn has been selling organic goodies since 1942}

{yee haw}
{we had lunch at the pine cone diner}

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