homemade gift bag

I have spent way too many hours on Pinterest ogling various DIY crafts. I am obsessed with everything from mason jar candles to newspaper lanterns. Sadly, I seem to spend way more time whipping egg whites than pasting construction paper…

However, here is a craft that even I could complete. A homemade gift bag. I am always shocked at how much they charge for one of those special sparkly gift bags at the store — $3.99 for something I get at Nordstroms for free?! This is a quick and easy way to make your own super-cute gift bag from wrapping paper and an old shopping bag. It’s cheap. It’s eco-friendly. It’s so easy. Check out the tutorial here.  I am never buying a gift bag again!

Wrapping paper: Container Store — Recycled Strawberry Wrap

Handles: Cut from the bag they gave me at Container store.

Tag: Dad’s manila folder

Decorations: Funky paper reinforcements and sharpies

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