grilled cheese and salty seas

It was a foggy day in Pacific Grove, and the air smelled clean, fresh, and salty.

Dad and I rented bikes for the day and peddled along the coast. I led the way for a little while, riding precariously along the rocky edge of the California coast. I loved the way the sea spray whipped my face as I coasted down hills — and how the bright scent of the ocean still clings to my hair even long after our ride is over.

We popped our kickstands down near Point Pinos Lighthouse — which looked as if it came straight out of a movie with a thick fog looming around the periphery.  We parked our bikes and walked to Point Pinos Grill — trying not to get pummeled by golf balls from the municipal golf course.  

There was a bunch of exciting things on the menu, like tempura fried squash blossoms stuffed with goat cheese (which were delicious!). But I decided to order a grilled cheese with tomato soup.
Crisp, buttery, tangy sourdough bread. Gooey Fontina, Gruyere, and White Cheddar. A caramelized crust and deep, golden brown grill marks (everything tastes better with grill marks). Almost magical when dipped in a steamy bowl of sweet heirloom tomato soup. Each gooey, crunchy bite left me feeling cozy as can be. It was just the thing to warm up after our windy, coastal bike ride.

Days like today remind me to take the time to celebrate the simple things, like cloudy days, bike rides with dad, and grilled cheese. 

With love,

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