What’s with the title?
Cinnamon is my favorite spice, and Cannella Vita means “cinnamon life” in Italian.
I’d like to believe that I live a “cinnamon life”…  
Let me explain. Cinnamon is good for the mind and body (did you know a half teaspoon of cinnamon can help with memory loss?), but it’s also spicy, delicious and fun (ahem, cinnamon buns/churros/snickerdoodles). Concerning life, that’s just how I like it. 

When did you start food blogging?
In fifth grade, I picked up a frying pan and made this sandwich.  A little butter, some crusty bread, sliced ham, and sweet pears. I posted it on All Recipes, and I felt like the bees-knees, the next Bobby Flay.  Cannella Vita was born in 2012, when I was a freshman in high school.  It started with this recipe for rosemary breadsticks and ratatouille, and since then, things have only gotten crazier. 

What do you eat?
I love a good cobbler, avocados, thick buttery toast, almond butter on big silver soup spoons, gouda cheese with Ritz crackers, ikura, and brussels sprouts.  I am an adventurous eater, but I won’t touch peanut butter. Also, cobbler > cake.

What are you?
A human who loves her KitchenAid Mixer a little too aggressively. 

No, what are you really?
My mom is Japanese and my dad was born in Switzerland.  I’m Japanese/Irish.  I like to eat soba noodles, I love my Boston Red Sox hat, and I dip rice crackers in Campbell’s tomato soup.

What are your dreams?
I want to eat my way around the world, go on adventures, be honest, dance in inappropriate venues, listen to lots of stories, try as many coffees as I can, and spend time with the people I love.

What do you do when you aren’t playing with dough?
You can find me soaking up the sun, inappropriately swing dancing in public places, talking to my shih-tzu, bringing cupcakes to a math meet, writing long and rambling letters, drooling over fashion magazines, getting lost in the bulk section at Whole Foods, rapping Snoop Dogg, or like any other college student, avoiding homework.

Feel free to say hello: email: cannellavita@gmail.com 

I look forward to hearing from you!