everyday vita: peanut butter jelly time!

peanutbutterjellypeanutbutterjellypeanutbutterjellywithabaseballbat.  (click here if you’re confused).

If you’ve been wondering why Cannella Vita is almost completely devoid of peanut butter recipes (but wayyyy overloaded with Nutella ones…) — it’s because peanut butter’s not really my thing.  Nevertheless, I absolutely love spreading it.  I love making a smooth little squiggle in the peanut butter (am I the only one who does this?). 

the famous squiggle

There’s something seriously therapeutic about spreading things on Wonder bread. 

PB&Js are as classic as you get.  They’re absolutely perfect just the way they are and that’s why they’ve basically been around since Columbus discovered America (that’s not actually true, I have my first AP U.S. history test tomorrow and PB&J has been around for ages – so that’s where my mind is at the moment).

i’m liking that bread-to-fluff ratio

Anyways, you know what we do with classics around here? Totally corrupt them and slather them with Nutella.  So I made PB&Ns too.  Peanut butter Nutella sandwiches.  Not my worst idea 😉

Also, I had to throw in a few fluffernutters, because they’re my dad’s favorite.  And fluffernutter is fun to say.  And I wanted an excuse to buy marshmallow fluff.  So obviously those were necessary. 

Lastly, the Hawaiian girl in me just had to make some of these on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.  Because that’s how I roll (haha). 

Tomorrow I’m going all the way up to Pennsylvania with the soccer team, so I packed a few of these up with some chocolate chip Chewy bars for the long bus ride.

How do you like your PB&J?

With love,

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26 thoughts on “everyday vita: peanut butter jelly time!”

  1. Just PB&J on white; or honey oat 😉 Although I would looove to try it on Hawaiian rolls; I wish I could get some here, but alas :/

    1. No, they don't sell Hawaiian rolls here in Canada (or at least where I live). I first tried them a year ago in Florida and I wanted to bring a suitcase full!!

  2. No, you're not the only one who squiggles with peanut butter. (Wow, that sounded odd, didn't it? lol)

    Not much for fluffernutters, (even thought it's WAY fun to say!), but the PB&N sounds like just the kind of thing I could get into! Will definitely be trying that one really soon!

    Otherwise, I just like my PB&J straight up like I've always had it – – white bread, peanut butter, and grape jelly – – has to be grape jelly! 🙂

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  4. That was genius using King's Hawaiian Swet Rolls. I never would have thought of using them for my PB&J's.

    Also, last night I went out and bought all the ingredients for your Aunt Anne's pretzels and an really looking forward to making them tonight.

    1. Thank you! I love King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, they make everything better :). Ohhh yum! Please tell me how they turn out! I was planning on making some cinnamon brioche today, but sadly ran out of yeast :/

  5. Maybe it's because I'm English, but the concept of peanut butter and jam (jelly is something quite different here!) is bizarre and a wee bit gross to me. Peanut butter and NUTELLA, however, I am 100% behind. Having some serious cravings right now!

    Hannah's Haven

    1. No I totally get it — the combination of anything fruity and peanut butter is a little bit strange the more I think about it — but chocolate and peanut butter is never a bad idea. Also, Nutella is never a bad idea.

  6. ya know how i roll?
    white bread with no crust, slathered with fluffernutter and nutella, with thin slices of strawberry.
    s'more dipped strawberry!
    smores chocolate dipped strawberry.

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