DIY: organize your recipes

a magical berry cobbler i clipped from Living

Whenever I thumb through the latest issue of Living, or Bon Appetit, I say to myself in my head:
“Ohhhhh I’ll make that, and this, oh, and that, and YUM that too, and that would go perfectly with mom’s broiled salmon…”
But in reality, I end up going on Pinterest and printing out most of the recipes I make.
This was largely because whenever I tore out a recipe from a magazine, or snagged a take-out menu from a restaurant, it would end up in a big, expandable folder — never to be seen again.
Yesterday, I took on the task of organizing my daunting pile of recipe clippings, and it turned out to be fun. No, really. I used some of the techniques that I learned at an Art Journaling Workshop about a month ago.
Think more “arts-and-crafts” rather than “organization.”

healthy snacks and dips

You need:

  •  A large notebook (I used a graphing notebook leftover from my trigonometry class this year)
  • A pile of magazine clippings or scans of cookbooks
  • some magazines or odds-and-ends to decorate with
  • tape or glue
  • markers
  1. Gather together all of your recipe clippings, as well as some old, pretty magazines to use for decoration. I also photocopied some recipes that I have wanted to try from some of my cookbooks. 
  2. Sort the recipes into categories such as “tacos” or “healthy snacks”
  3. Start pasting/taping away! There is no wrong way to do this 🙂
i have a page devoted entirely to tacos

5 thoughts on “DIY: organize your recipes”

  1. This is such a great way to organize your recipes! Every time I stumble upon a recipe that I want to make, I usually end up shoving it into my To-Make binder.

    Maybe I should consider organizing it using your method 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is so much fun — it makes organizing your recipes so much more fun! Plus, I actually find myself MAKING the recipes that I cut out as opposed to hoarding them, and there are some real gems in my stash!

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