Thursday, February 20, 2014

LTT: being inappropriate

Being appropriate is overrated.

Especially when it comes to food.

Eat dinner at 7:30, fried rice is not a breakfast food, a bowl of chocolate covered almonds is not a meal.  These conventions can all get so tedious and boring.

I feel like there are a lot of people out there (especially those of the food-blogging variety) who think that they're super progressive and wacky for serving breakfast for dinner.  Whoa! What a rebel you are! You're eating pancakes at 5:30 (when the food-photography light is still good... I know what you're up to).   However, this isn't really that progressive, it's just an excuse to do a breakfast post and not wake up early for it (fellow food bloggers, you will understand this). 

Some of these "rebel" food-bloggers who do breakfast for dinner would never dream of posting something that wasn't green around St. Patrick's Day, not having a "Mother's Day Brunch Recipe Round-Up," or *gasp* posting a popsicle recipe when it's sub-20 degrees outside.

Well, today I am making a major food-blogger faux pas -- I am giving you all a popcicle recipe when it's cold enough to make popsicles outside.  Also, this recipe is made with Cool Whip, another food-blogger no-no.

Thing is, I think that a lot of the time it is better to follow my intuition than do what's conventional.  I am the kind of person who can whisk a meringue by hand for hours if I feel like it.  I can sit in front of a computer and write for hours if I feel compelled to do so.  But if I don't, it's going to be a struggle.  Some of my best writing has happened at 4 a.m. when I can't sleep because an idea is  keeping me awake.  That being said, some of my worst writing happens at 3 p.m. when I carve out "writing time," complete with a sunny window and a vase of flowers.  My room get's gut-organized when I have a math test to study for, not when I have oodles of cleaning time over a long weekend.

One could say that 4 a.m. is an inappropriate time to be tapping away at a bright desktop, or that only an idiot would deep-clean their room when they have a bunch of other (arguably more important) things to do.  But it works.  It gets done.  I am happy.  Not everything has to be regimented and routine.

Same goes with popsicles.  The other day, I wasn't craving warm cookies or hot chocolate for my afternoon snack.  I was craving something cool, melty and icy, so I made a batch of Nutella popsicles and ate one while walking Carly around the block.  Did I get strange looks? Yes.  Was it delicoius? Yes.  Was it more delicous that a piping hot mug of hot cocoa? Debatable, but probably. 

Do you feel constricted by seasonally appropriate recipes?

With love,

Disclaimer: I think that breakfast for dinner is a marvelous idea and "Mother's Day Brunch Recipe Round-Ups" are are nice too.

1 cup Cool Whip
1/2 cup milk
3 tablespoons Nutella

Place all ingredients in blender and process until combined. Pour into popsicle molds.  Freeze until solid (about 4 hours).  Enjoy!

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  1. Yes to going by intuition, not conventional! Love your thoughts on sometimes just using an ingredient like Cool Whip because you can, because it works. I had that battle with myself when I used corn syrup to make homemade marshmallows. I went ahead and made them. And holy delicious. Homemade marshmallows and Nutella pops for the world!

    1. Dear Amanda,
      Thank you so much for your comment! Yum! I totally agree that Cool Whip is completely necessary at times! On the other hand, if you want to make marshmallows, but corn syrup freaks you out a bit, I have a recipe for marshmallows (without corn syrup!) on the blog! Check it out if you'd like!

  2. Girl I'm the same way-I make and serve what I want when I want it! And right now....I WANT THESE POPS! Nutella and cool whip all pop-ified?? YUM!

    1. Haha I am glad that you think like me! Let me know if you give them a try! xo, Erica

  3. Erica- you're frickin awesome, please never change :)
    Being conventional is boring.
    Let's go change the world with our crazy timings
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}