Sunday, February 23, 2014

friday inspiration: spring is in the air

Oh no, I seemed to have missed Friday yet again with my "Friday Inspiration Post"... Perhaps I should change the name to "Weekly Inspiration," as I am obviously incapable of keeping to a blogging schedule.
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Anyways, let's forget about my lack of timeliness and marvel at these beautiful plates of cupcakes! Ahh I love cupcakes.  Yesterday, Sophia from Sophia's Sweets was in town and we went out for cupcakes at Baked and Wired (my personal favorite cupcake place in D.C.).  It's only natural for baking bloggers to go out to a cupcake place for dinner.  We got a big box of everything and sampled away... in the name of research of course ;).  My favorite cupcake was the Dirty Chai Tea Latte -- vanilla cake blended with chai spices and topped with espresso buttercream frosting -- I must re-create this one at home! (and share the recipe with you all)
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What was even more fun than eating a big box of cupcakes (and this is a big statement because let's be honest, what could be more fun than that?) was talking to someone who understands the constant struggles of juggling food blogging and junior year.
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This week, I also went to the screening and discussion of Hafu FilmEver since I wrote my article on mixed race, I've grown increasingly interested in the issue (you think it would work the other way around...). 

I took one of those BuzzFeed personality quizzes to figure out which decade I actually belong in.  I got the 1920s, which totally makes sense because I am obsessed with The Great Gastby (who isn't?) and love 1920s fashion (flapper dresses and headbands...mostly headbands... the world will never have enough headbands).  I can't get over this photo series by The Glamourai featuring lots of sparkles, blush pinks, and 1920s glamor.
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Last weekend, I made the Caramelized Garlic Tart from the Ottolenghi cookbook.  OH MY GOD. this thing was so good.  It doesn't taste garlicky at all -- rather it tastes super creamy, savory, and a little bit sweet.  It's super rich, so a little slice with a side salad makes a great meal.  I've been eating it all week and I think I'm going to make another one tonight! 
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I never really understood the fuss about buying local.  It just seemed like a snobby thing that people who didn't have the willpower to be vegetarian (a.k.a give up bacon) got into.  However, this week I bought a little tub of local vanilla yogurt... and now I know what the fuss is about.  It was nothing like those fancy little yogurts that I buy at Whole Foods.  This stuff was rich, creamy, and (naturally) sweet.  Am I going to become a "locavore"? Absolutely not (yet).  Am I obsessed with local yogurt? Heck yes. 

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I hate to be one of those boring people who talks about the weather too much, but the weather today is insane.  It's literally sunny and 70 degrees... with not a cloud in the sky.  The only reminder of last week's epic snow storm are the quickly melting icy patches scattered around.  Global warming? Probably.  Concerned? Not yet.

New things tried this week:
  • Finally got around to buying a (non-drugstore brand) face wash
  • Went to a film screening
With love,

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  1. Love the mention ;) thanks for showing me around a little bit of Georgetown's foodie scene!!

    1. Of course! Let me know when you're in DC again!

  2. Those cupcakes are GORGEOUUUUS!

    and I got the 50's on that quiz :P

    1. Thank you! And it's good to know that other people take those quizzes too! :)

  3. Junior year AND legitimate food blogging, props to you Erica! Hopefully I'll be able to do as well as you next year..
    - Christine

    1. Thank you! I checked out your blog --- love to see other students in the food blogging community!

  4. It's good to see you've tried local things :). I would love to support local vendors more (farmers markets) unfortunately their prices are more than the fruits and vegetables sold in the supermarkets and I don't understand it. Supermarkets ship in items from overseas but their prices are always a lot lower than produce grown here at home it makes me sad.

    I am happy that more restaurants are using local ingredients for their menu items and those I can purchase, like the delicious gelato :)

    1. I am obsessed now! That is true, local can be expensive, however, at the farmer's market it isn't too much more than the supermarket! And yum! I must try some local gelato someday!