Saturday, February 8, 2014

friday inspiration: keep on the sunny side

This week has been a little rough.  It was my first full week of school that hasn't been broken up by snow days or long weekends.  On top of that it's been raining non-stop and I've come down with a nasty cold.  During this dark and chilly time of the year, I think that we all need a little bit of cheering up and sunshine.  This week's Friday Inspiration centers around things that I think will bring a little bit of sunshine to all of our lives.

quote inspiration --
~sweaty wisdom~
meal inspiration -- this week my mom bought the most perfect avocados.  I love eating them mashed on crunchy toasted bread with a drizzle of walnut oil and a sprinkling of Maldon flaked salt.

~from Baker By Nature~

baking inspiration  -- Recently, I've been obsessed with French entrements (recipe coming soon!). They're so involved and adorable, and so satisfying to make.

~from U Try It~

backyard inspiration-- I am resolving to spend more time outside this spring.  I have a tiny backyard compared to this one, but I really want to clean it up and make it more livable. 

~from Oh Dear Drea~
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  1. Discovered your blog a couple weeks ago, and I am obsessed! I'm also a teen who loves to bake, and Cannella Vita is fabulous!!!

    1. I am always thrilled to encounter other teens who love to bake! Please feel free to shoot me an email or message sometime! I would love to get in touch!

  2. Beautiful... I love the avocado, that tasty little guy. Anything French is right up my alley! I tried your croissants with a successful first try and my large family was very impressed! Thanks for your sunshine...get well soon!

    1. Yum! I am so glad your family liked the croissants! Stay sunny! xx Erica

  3. Where do I find the salt flakes you use?

    1. You can get them on Amazon! Just search "Maldon Salt" and they should show up!