Friday, January 31, 2014

friday inspiration: 1300 California Miles and Cannoli Cupcakes

Remember I used to do "Friday Fives"?  I love the idea of having an end of the week round-up.  I do a lot of wandering around the internet throughout the week, and it's nice to have an outlet to share some of the highlights with you all (and put my procrastinating to use).  The thing I didn't like about "Friday Fives" was that I was confined to exactly five things.  What if I wasn't feeling that inspired that week, and only wanted to share three things?  What if the awesome links I had scavengered didn't all fall under one cohesive theme?  What if I wanted to share ten awesome things that week?  I don't want to have to choose!  That's why "Friday Fives" has transformed into "Friday Inspiration."  Let's give this a go.

breakfast inspiration ~ coconut oil maple granola.  Coconut oil gives this granola a sweet, rich, tropical taste. I have a baking sheet full of this stuff on my kitchen counter that I've been nibbling on all week. Super addictive.

~photo and recipe here~

cupcake inspiration ~ I'm a sucker for fancy cupcakes. Cannoli cupcakes?! Get outta here.
~Dom DeLuise cupcakes~

style inspiration ~ my bean boots finally came in the mail, and they came just in time for the back-to-back snow days that we had last week.  I love wearing them with, fun, tall wintery socks.

~via Ficsean~

art inspiration ~

~via etsy~

namaste inspiration~ I'm trying my best to keep up with my personal yoga practice.  It can be hard to stay motivated when the weather's really icky outside.

~via world tour stories~

 funny inspiration~

~via reddit~

travel inspiration~ I want to do this someday


What inspired you this week?

With love, 

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  1. omg that storyyy! lol of course I'm also like "since when are 3 year olds in kindergarden?" :P

  2. Love the pic of that girl on the fallen log, it makes me want to go off into the woods with a picnic for the day!
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Hahhaa I totally agree -- if only the weather was warmer!