Wednesday, December 18, 2013

LTT: instajealous

Instagram has been under a bit of fire lately. 

I recently read this New York Times article called The Agony of Instagram. To sum it up,  many people feel "instajealous" after stalking their friends' "fabulous" lives on Instagram, and feel sad when they see instagrams of cool people eating snacks without them. 

I agree with this somewhat.  Facebook posers, we all know them, we all hate them. And Instagram gives these awful people yet another medium to share their "awesome" lives with us through all sorts of glittery filters (as if getting minute by minute Twitter updates wasn't bad enough...).
Celebrity Instagrams  can also make us feel "instajealous."  Seeing Alessandra Ambrosio roller bladeing around Venice Beach in booty shorts while I am falling asleep in an assembly about honey bees, or seeing Lauren Conrad looking fabulous while poking around fair trade markets while I am doing AP U.S. history alone in the library sometimes makes me think: why isn't my life this fabulous? 

Then I remember, my life is pretty great, and everything, literally everything, looks super fancy and cool and awesome through "Amaro" or "Lo-fi."

Instagram has the ability to make this squished McDonald's sausage McMuffin that I ate in my dad's car before the ACT look appealing.  Case and point.  

I dont think there's anything inherently wrong with this, its just the nature of Instagram. 

Last weekend, I Instagrammed a pretty fancy breakfast of banana rum french toast (all doused in powdered sugar).  Am I going to Instagram my daily bowl of watery oatmeal? Nope.

I Instagrammed my hair on this day that my hair looked particularly nice after yoga class.  Does my hair usually look like this? Nope.  It is usually tied up in a Costco headband.

Then should Instagram be full of lumpy oatmeal and Costco headbands?

NO! But we should all take it with a grain of salt (kind of like reality T.V.).  I'm sure that EVEN LAUREN CONRAD eats watery oatmeal and wears headbands from Costco sometimes. 

So as Christmas approaches, and you start scrolling through pictures of 12 foot tall Christmas trees, glamorous Christmas parties, and luxurious presents, just take a moment to be thankful for the things that you have, and remember that everything looks better through an "amaro" filter. 

With love, 

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  1. Great post my dear. They only social media I actively take part in is Tumblr and Twitter which both just usually bring me info on entertainment - books, tv and movies and lots and lots of laugh so I don't have instajealousy to deal with most of the time unless someone I follow is off having adventures in England, France and Australia but that's more just inspiration to get me to those places some day ;) but since they are blogs I also hear about the not so great things as well so it's a balance. Reading about negative things doesn't make me feel good though I just want to give out hugs and hope everything turns out ok for the peoples.

    1. Thank you Sandy! I have a Tumblr as well ( and love to find inspiration on it as well :). I agree with you about the balance between the negative and the positive on blogs that make them less subject to "instajealousy." My favorite blogs are the very honest ones that provide both the good and the bad. :)

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    1. right? no one lives a totally insta-worthy life!

  3. Thank you very much for this post - I wish I had read it before christmas. You're very right - it's sometimes hard to remember that people only want to share the fun, exciting and glamorous parts of their lives and not the mundane, sad or horrible daily grind.
    x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Thanks! I agree, that's what instagram is for, and we all need to remember that!

  4. ps now following you in instajizz! So sorry, thought we were friends already x x

    1. Thanks for the follow! I will follow you back!