Thursday, September 19, 2013

everyday vita: back to the basics

It's that awkward time between summer and fall.  It's too early bake up a cinnamon-spicy loaf of chocolate chip pumpkin bread and it's too late to wear jean shorts and waste away those summer afternoons.

banana bread!

I am not the best with transitions.   When I "do summer" I do it wholeheartedly -- wearing my Rainbow flip-flops for days and eating a whole watermelon for lunch.  I totally forget that in a few months, all of the leaves will fall off.  When fall comes around,  I'm furiously spray-painting chevron pumpkins and mulling cider like it's nobody's business.  When winter rolls around, I feel like someone yanked a pumpkin spice latte out of my hands and threw it on the floor (tbh I hate pumpkin spice lattes, but that was a nice analogy, don't ya think?).  But then I start baking Christmas cookies and I'm fine.

What keeps me grounded during these times of transition are those little things that are always awesome, no matter what season it is -- little things like a good magazine, banana bread baking in the oven, stretchy beaded bracelets, sparkly blush and my favorite perfume.

the morning routine never changes
I am absolutely loving this new lifestyle magazine from the U.K. called The Simple Things -- I want to cut out all of the pictures and frame them on my walls.

My banana bread recipe is by far the most popular recipe on Cannella Vita.  Probably because banana bread is always awesome no matter what season it is.  Mine can be made in one bowl with a singular fork.  I threw some chocolate chips into the batter, because chocolate chips are always a good idea. In the other loaf, I swirled some Nutella into the batter (because Nutella is always a better idea).  It all sunk to the bottom, so it wasn't to pretty, but it was yummy nonetheless.  So we ate it all anyways. 
I love these little stretchy beaded bracelets because they're absolutely addicting to play with.  They also transition nicely from my easy summer stack to a more studious stack (i.e. wearing a watch again). 

The smell of Dolce Gabbana Light Blue reminds me that no matter what, right now, there is an ocean breeze blowing somewhere in the world.

the "stack"
The changing of seasons (and their awkward transitions) are an inevitable part of life.  Although it's a little sad that I have homework now and can't wear my flip-flops anymore, this week gives me the opportunity to wear knit sweaters with shorts.   That's kind of exciting. :)

With love,

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  1. love this post. and I also feel weird in the in between of seasons