Monday, July 15, 2013

everyday vita: getting settled in

hehe I took that!

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  • I'm taking this really cool class called Secrets and Symbols of Rome, we visit a church every day and look through all sorts of secret tunnels and stuff (like Indiana Jones).  But, apparently if you show your knees/shoulders angry nuns will kick you out of the church.  I stocked up on maxi dresses today (even though I'm more of a minidress girl). I guess once you go maxi you never go back-sy. ;)
maxi dress inspiration
  • I'm still getting used to the neighborhood.  We're exploring a lot, a.k.a going on lots of gelato walks.  My favorite flavor so far is melon and (of course) Nutella.  (Obviously not together!).  My goal is to try them all.  I think I can do it. ;)

view from the double-decker bus
  • We went on a double-decker tour bus of Rome today.  I sat on the rooftop and was a total little shutterbug (Rome is unreal at sunset). 
  • I finally got an iPhone that works here in Italy! It really helps with the homesickness (thank god I can Snapchat again!).

oh baby
  • Last night my dad ordered pasta amatriciana (a Roman specialty with pork, pecorino and tomatoes) which was cooked perfectly, I got the recipe from the waiter at the restaurant (am I ballsy or what??) *sorry no pic, I'll make it for you all when I get home!
there are few things i love more than breakfast buffet
  • The espresso machine at the hotel was awesome -- you just put your cup there press what you want (latte, espresso, cappuccino, americano... you name it),  and after a few jingles it comes pouring into your mug like magic! (mom, if you're reading this, I want one for the kitchen)
reading my espresso
  • Speaking of espresso, I am officially addicted.  I love the design in the mug that it leaves after I drink it.  It reminds me of the third Harry Potter where they read fortunes in tea leaves in Divination class. (total harry potter nerd)
this little goober loves ciambella
  • Right after I stood up to make another round at the buffet, this huge pigion swoop down and took  my slice of ciambella!   It was fine though, it gave me the excuse to stand up and grab one of these doughnuts :) 

Abbracci e baci (hugs and kisses), 

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  1. ahhhh the donut!!!!

    I'm a mini dress gal too but maxi dresses are pretty awesome

    1. Hahaha I'm wearing one right now :) And that donut was legendary

  2. Pigeons - rats with wings. Your trip sounds fantastic I am quite envious. How long is it?

    1. Completely agree with you! They are the worst at the beach I go to in San Diego! I am here for a month!