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everyday vita: a very cannella christmas

WOOO! Merry Christmas my little cinnamon sprinkles!  This post may be a little jumbled because:

a) I'm blaring Christmas music in the background -- I have to listen to it because it's not gonna be on tomorrow! (Sleigh Ride and It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas are my absolute favorites!)
b) I am still on a major sugar high from the humungous mug of peppermint hot chocolate affogato that I chugged this morning.
Please bear with me...

This morning started with a European-style Christmas breakfast.  I served a platter of both sweet and savory homemade croissants (ham and swiss, nutella stuffed, and of course, cinnamon sugar!).  I also served peppermint hot cocoa affogato for my dad and I (who said you can't have ice cream for breakfast?!), and a big mug of dairy free peppermint hot cocoa for mom. 

Nutcrackers in the background -- one for each member of the family (the baby one is for Carly)
 Since I'm a bit of a nerd and obsessed with anything having to do with typography, I made a menu to go along with my European-style breakfast. (hey, the glue gun was already heated up! wouldn't want that to go to waste!)

To keep up with the button trend, I made my own Christmas cards for my mom, dad, and Carly of course!

After breakfast, we were all experiencing bouts of sentimentality and extreme sugar rush... so we meandered over to the Christmas tree.

 It's our family tradition to open each of our presents one at a time in order to prolong the excitement of gift giving.  Carly didn't seem to love this idea, and ran away with her stocking full of Sushi Pups and Milk Bones.

 But thankfully, she came back just in time to check out my package that came all the way from England!
I included my festive socks in this picture, a la Izy Hossack -- except mine also has a curious little puppy in the frame
This past summer when I met Izy, the fabulous teenage blogger behind Top With Cinnamon, we decided to exchange various treats at Christmastime. 

I got a box full of little packages wrapped beautifully in Indian newspaper.

 She even stamped her note with a custom "TWC" stamp... Oh Izy, you never fail to amaze me.

 I got a jar of famously British Golden Syrup.   Maybe I'll bake one of these golden syrup cakes, or some golden syrup dumplings. Or maybe I'll just dump the entire draw and all of its deliciousness on plain ol' pancakes and pretend I'm in merry old England... that works too.

 Oh yeah, and she also sent me all of these fabulous treats from the U.K. I'm planning on creating some crazy recipes with these, so stay tuned!  I'm also planning on eating some of these after I finish writing this post...

Those Jaffa Cakes are calling my name, so I best be going. I hope you're having a wonderful day laughing with family, eating delicious food, blaring some Christmas music, and maybe even chasing after an unruly little doggy (shout out to all my Shih Tzu owners out there!).

Thank you each and every one of you for making Cannella Vita my special little corner of the internet.  Thanks to you all, my camera and keyboard are covered in butter and sugar, I have over 5 pounds of chocolate chips in my basement, and I couldn't be happier.  Each and every day I look forward to writing new posts for you, and taking little snapshots of my life and treats.  Reading your comments and e-mails always makes my day.  Have a warm, safe, happy holiday!

With love,


  1. I is just possible that you are one of the most awesome people on the planet. Have a great day!

  2. Beautiful blog! Very impressed with those croissants, much better than mine! xx

    1. Rose! You have NO IDEA how thrilled I am that you commented on my post! I have been the BIGGEST fan of your blog for the longest time! Cheers, Erica

  3. This looks like you had a beautiful Christmas!

    Just discovered your blog, so I look forward to seeing what is to come in the New Year...once I've caught up, of course :)


    1. Thank you so much! Christmas was lovely, and I am excited for what I have planned for the coming year! Glad you found Cannella Vita!

  4. Merry Christmas!!! I a breakfast fanatic and I just love the breakfast you wrote about above...its brilliant!!! i want some now!!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by earlier!!

  5. those cards are too adorable! happy christmas!

  6. Erica! So glad you got the package in time!! :)

    I only just got home from my aunt's so I could only open the second box from you just now (there's also minimal internet there too meaning I couldn't message you :( )!!

    Thank you so much! It's all so amazing (maple syrup? you know me too well Erica, haha). I've already made myself milky way hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff :') I nearly died.

    1. Milky way hot chocolate?! That sounds insanely delicious -- how do you make it?! I am currently sipping on a cup of that earl grey tea you sent me!

    2. I literally just made hot chocolate like normal with milk, cocoa and sugar on the stove (a bit less sugar than usual though), turned off the heat and added 2 mini milky ways to it. Then I left it for a bit to melt, and whisked it until it was smooth.
      Yay, hope you like it! :)
      Have you tried the penguin hot chocolate thing yet? IT IS HEAVEN.

    3. I am yet to try it, but it sounds super duper tempting! That is such a great idea for hot cocoa, I will try that but instead of using milky ways, maybe I'll drop a few Fererro Rochers in there. ;)

  7. EEEEEE YAYYYY! It looks like a great day! Merry (belated) Christmas!

  8. Ah man - that Golden Lion syrup is available in South Africa too - to date it is still the BEST syrup EVER!

  9. Ah man! That Goldne Lion syrup is available in South Africa too and it is to date the BEST ever!

    1. I love it! I need more now -- you can't get it easily in the US.

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