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everyday vita: thanksgiving

 This year, my family and I spent Thanksgiving in Newport, Rhode Island, my dad's hometown. 
the feast.
The journey got off to a great start.  We were an hour early for our flight (unlike last time where we literally ran through the gate).  Even better, there was a brand new Pinkberry in the terminal. I'm not the biggest fan of Arby's and Panda Express (airport staples), so this frosty, coconut-mango goodness put me in a great mood!

I was carrying two pumpkin chocolate chip loaves, a loaf of orange cranberry bread (recipe coming soon!), a huge Ziploc of cornbread cubes (for my apple cornbread stuffing), and a big panettone (also for my stuffing.  Just for the record, panettone works wonders in stuffing -- those sweet, citrus-y notes of panettone along with apples, cranberries and heavy cream are to die for.

Thank you TSA for not taking my baked goods from me.

Soon after we landed in Newport and said our hellos, the cooking commenced.

I made Julia Child's simple cranberry sauce. (even though my dad insisted on buying the canned stuff as well).  In my opinion, freshly popped cranberries with citrus zest will always win over the stuff that still has can rings on it... but to each his own ;).

Instead of mashed potatoes, I whipped up some rosemary roasted potatoes.  With crunchy, oven-fried edges and smooth insides, these were addictive.

I made white cheddar biscuits in my grandma's cast iron skillet.  I felt like a strong independent pioneer woman making her own skillet biscuits on the old frontier.  Except not, because I was in my grandmother's kitchen with a space heater wearing my fuzzy Christmas socks and listening to Macklemore. Oh well, we can pretend...

My dad made the turkey, isn't it festive? Look at that shiny glaze! Looks like it jumped out of Martha Stewart to me-- nice job daddy!

But these sweet potatoes stole the show.  I made Ruth Chris' sweet potato casserole, and it was an all around hit.  Make this for your next holiday gathering... or dinner tonight. You'll thank me. 

Then I whipped up some fresh whipped cream to go with the pies.  Pies don't Instagram very well... so no pictures. I made my crunchy, custardy tart with apples, and the simplest pumpkin pie in the world.  I had the leftover whipped cream with coffee the next morning.  Not coffee with whipped cream, whipped cream with coffee. Oh yeah. ;)

I did take some breaks from the kitchen to walk around Newport.  The silhouette of St. Georges (my dad's high school) looked so gorgeous and purple at sunset.

I walked past Rosecliff mansion. Funny because we are reading the Great Gatsby in school at the moment. Party at Gatsbys?

When I woke up on the next morning, this little guy was perched outside my window.  He literally sat there staring at me for an entire 20 minutes. (don't judge me for staring back the entire time... no wonder I almost didn't finish packing).

Hope you all had wonderful, cozy Thanksgivings!
Get psyched for Christmas cookie season!

With love,


  1. But the stuff with the rings is so good! Almost a classic for my family haha, though I will admit homemade sauce has its triumphs.

    1. Hahah I have to agree with you, those rings are pretty tasty ;).

  2. Your Thanksgiving dinner looks amazing! I also spent Thanksgiving at my Grandma's house. Although I didn't cook any of the main course, I contributed the dessert! Can't wait to see your Christmas cookie recipes :)


  3. This all looks incredible! The roasted potatoes and the cheese biscuits make me wish we had another Thanksgiving here in Canada! Oh, and I love that you were cooking to Macklemore. He is on permanent rotation in my kitchen. Glad you had a good holidays with your family!

    1. Thank you so much! Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada? Haha Macklemore is the perfect soundtrack for mashing potatoes and whipping cream!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. Newport is one of my most favorite places, and the Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books! Beautiful dinner - nice job to all of you!

    1. Thank you! Great Gatsby is one of my favorites as well, I can't wait for the Leonardo Di Caprio movie to come out!


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