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everyday vita: the eternal weekend

We had parent teacher conferences last Thursday and Friday, and I had the best, most leisurely 4-day weekend ever.
It was chilly on Wednesday.  I wandered over to Whole Foods with a huge, chunky scarf wrapped tightly around my head.  Honestly, I think that I could spend the rest of my life at Whole Foods and never get bored.  I would spend my days contemplating different types of frozen veggie burgers and perusing the seemingly endless varieties of granola.

I unearthed a gem in the dairy section: Vermont cultured butter with sea salt and maple.  This butter is so good, I ate you could just eat it plain in little slivers.  The maple and the sea salt provide the perfect balance between sweet and salty.  Bliss.

Thursday morning my parents were at parent teacher conferences.  I woke up around 10 o'clock and fixed myself a nice breakfast.  The fact that I was eating alone didn't stop me from making something a little bit fancy! I made an egg white omelet with Parmesan and spinach and a slice of three grain bread (smeared with that heavenly butter of course!).

Since Thursday was inevitably going to be a lazy day at home, I decided to tidy up my room.  I discovered that there is a marvelous blue light during the daytime that I never knew about (since I am usually only in my room at night).

For dinner, I figured we needed some warm, soul-hugging food.  I made Roasted Red Pepper Tomato soup.  My mom said that it reminded her of the famous soup from The Cottage in La Jolla, CA.  I also made a loaf of honey beer bread on the side.  If you ever need a super quick substitute for bread, make honey beer bread.  It uses very basic ingredients and takes seconds to stir together -- plus it's super buttery and delicious.

I cozied up with my chocolate chip cookie candle and called it a day.

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous -- nothing like the chilly week that we had.  It got up to 75 degrees!  I quickly got out of hibernation mode and went for a nice 5-mile run... in shorts! To take full advantage of this delicious weather, I pretended it was summer and whipped up my favorite sunny summer salad with chickpeas, grapefruits, and avocado.

With love,


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