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everyday vita: boo

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a relaxing Sunday!
This past week was pretty busy for me.  I had to take the PSAT on Wednesday. The worst part about standardized tests isn't reading about the agriculture of the ancient Mayans, locating the misplaced modifiers or (trying) to remember the distance formula.  The worst part is the "personal information sheet." I spent about 5 minutes alone trying to remember my school's address (before realizing that it was written on the white board).  But oh well. At least we got an hour and a half for lunch after that ordeal.

Since it was a stressful week, I needed plenty of butter, sugar, and other shenanigans to distract me from all of the work I was supposed to be doing.  Let me tell you about them. 

1) I made a chevron pumpkin when I was supposed to be studying vectors. Isn't it pretty?

 2) I went for a nice 4-mile run yesterday. I told myself I would think about my early modern European history reading while I ran. Did that happen? No. But I took some pretty snazzy leaf pictures.

3) Before writing my Chinese sentences, I thought it would be a good idea to churn my own ice cream. (I mean, when is it NOT a good idea to churn your own ice cream?!). This is apple pie flavored, with sauteed apples, fresh caramel, and graham cracker crumbs. (I also made pumpkin pie flavored!).

 3) I bet you were wondering where all those butter wrappers at the top of this post came from. My next "recipe showdown" is Apple Pie. I made a triple batch of pie crust. We're putting Grandma Ople against Caramel Apple Cider. Let me just say it's a fierce battle..

 4) Since we bought about 4,000,000,000 apples (more like 40... but you get the idea). I decided to make my own apple chips. Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and baked at 250 for 2 hours. Healthy and delicious. Maybe these will give me the energy to finish that Great Gatsby chapter...

 5) We can't only have apple pies! What about a chocolate chip cookie pie? With a Ritz Cracker crust? Oh Yeah. I got this recipe from one of my readers, The Cooking Actress. You are an absolute genius!

 6) I also am working on a yellow cupcake recipe showdown. Have you ever eaten chocolate sour cream frosting with a ladle? I have ;)

 Maybe I should finally get started on that homework... Or maybe some chocolate chip cookies.

With love,


  1. Mmmmm yum! Ritz cracker crust--I'm so curious about that!

    1. It is divine. Ever since I was a baby, I have LOVED ritz crackers. My dad has at least 3 boxes open at all time. The rich, buttery taste of the crackers makes for a nice, rich buttery crust (almost like that of real pie crust!). I sometimes find graham cracker crusts to be a bit dry and crumbly. Ritz crackers are where it's at!

  2. I am so jealous of all of the baking you've been doing, Erica! I haven't been able to make more than like 2 things over the past month and I'm going into withdrawal! Haha!

    PS - Wanna send me a slice of each of the pies? They look fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much! Guess what? There is ANOTHER baking/running Erica, check her out! She commented on my About me page!

  3. Mmm all of those things look SOOO tasty. I cannot WAIT until you post the apple pie showdown!! I've been in such a pie mood lately!

    1. Thank you so much! School has been pretty busy lately (the quarter ended today!), but I will hopefully have a new post up very soon! The chocolate chip cookie pie was a HUGE hit!


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