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my desk

my "at-home" binders. i am obsessed with chevron.
 School starts on Tuesday. I just finished organizing my desk. Although I am going to miss summer, I am strangely excited for the year to start.
i have a separate bin for adhesives

I am a super nerd who loves note taking. I am not a fan of group projects, labs, or computer activities. But boy, do I love taking notes.

everything has a home on the coffee tray
I always carry my pencil case full of felt-tip pens in every color of the rainbow. I use about five of them per page.
gel highlighter obsessed

My other obsession after rainbow pens and note-taking is gel highlighters. They write like a crayon, and look like a highlighter [no bleeding through the page!]. I get mine at Staples.

I will only use mechanical pencils
Lastly, did you know that Martha Stewart makes office supplies? I discovered shelves and shelves of Martha blue notebooks and chalkboard tabs at Staples. Chalkboard tabs!?! I got about a cart-full.

How do you organize your desk?
With love,


  1. I wish I was still that excited about taking notes, haha! Your binders are lovely. :)

    Those highlighters look fantastic. I've never seen them before! I definitely need to get some. Maybe that'll renew my interest in note-taking..

    What year are you in high school? Chemistry was my favorite high school class.. and college class, actually.. I've always loved labs, though, haha!

    1. Thank you! You should totally pick up some gel highlighters. I have a HUGE stash that is disappearing quickly! I am going into my sophmore year (I start tomorrow!). My favorite class is math.

  2. You're so organized. I'm enjoying your posts. Even though I'm about triple your age. I also carry my marker set with me. I love to underline papers or draw sketches in different colors. I just got this one. Love it.

    Great blog!


    1. Oh my god -- I WANT THAT MARKER SET! So organized, and I love the shape.

  3. I love back-to-school organization!! It's kind of what makes back to school any sort of fun. Just the other day I ran into The Container Store for a simple planner and had a really hard time not leaving with a whole cartful of goodies. :D Your binders look so cute!

    1. Me too! I am obsessed with the Container Store!

  4. You're so organized ^_^. I love your binders (you have Precalculus and Chinese!) The only language we ever got was Spanish and I thankfully never had to do any kind of calculus until college. It's a good thing you love math though, I was never any good at it without constant, constant practice.

    Lets see, I organized my desk over the weekend, it's a little desk and my laptop takes up most of the space, then I got my note pads to the right of it. The desk is also a shelf too so I have about 3 rows of lovely novels to look at as I type away on my laptop. All books I haven't read yet by the way. I have so much office supplies now I had to clear out a drawer so they could have their own little space, and so I know now where to find all of my lovely coloured gel pens and notepads and such.

    P.S. I have never seen gel highlighters before o.o so cool!

    1. Thank you so much Sandy! That's awesome you organized your desk over the weekend! I have always wanted to have shelves above my desk, but my parents won't let me nail anything into the wall :( What books are you reading?

    2. I am currently reading The Pearl Wars (Skyship Academy, #1) by Nick James, Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz and Blood Rights by Kristen Painter along with a study unit called Technology and Society (loads of fun this one is :P).

      If you're parents won't let you have shelves on the wall then they must give you proper bookshelves. It is law.

  5. Haha wow! I have gel highlighters just like you do (2 yellow), but our school interests are somewhat polar LOL. I don't mind group work, I love lab (anatomy lab is more like recitation right now... aka 'talk about material with classmates and prof' and we had a hectic session of gram staining the other day in microbiology!), and I don't mind computer activities (I love technology, and it loves me :D). Buuuuuuut I love taking notes as well :)

    Loving your blog so far, I was too impatient to dedicate time and energy to a blog in high school! So props to you ^ ^

    1. Thank you so much! I love to hear other peoples opinions and interests on school! I am so jealous of your ease with technology!

  6. I love washi tape!! Where do you get yours? Ah, I wish I could be as organized as you are.

    1. Thank you so much! Haha that's so funny you say that, I'm honestly not that organized ;). I got my washi tape at this stationary store in Japantown, San Francisco -- but I know you can get super cool colors on Etsy as well!


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