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We started our California adventure at the Hotel Monaco in the scenic French Quarter of San Francisco -- where gritty, city living intersects with picturesque little French cafes.

I had been emailing Izy from Top With Cinnamon for awhile and learned that she, too was visiting San Francisco.

What are the odds that two teen bloggers from different corners of the globe would be traveling in San Francisco at the same time?

The idea of actually meeting her seemed unreal.

Just out of curiosity, I asked her where she was staying.
She said the Clift Hotel -- which is about 30 feet away from the Hotel Monaco. How could I not meet her?

We decided to meet the morning before I left for Pacific Grove. (perfect timing)

We talked for over an hour in the whimsical lobby of the Clift hotel about everything from the confusing editors behind Foodgawker to Urban Outfitters (a.k.a the reason I can't afford truffle salt). Izy was just as cool as she is on her blog (and she has a killer sense of style that you don't see here in America). It was such a treat to sit down with her -- and I am so excited to keep in touch. She told me about how difficult it was to find some ingredients back in London (such as Oreos, graham crackers and marshmallows), so I am going to send her a box full of American junk like Marshmallow Fluff (get excited Izy!).

When I started Cannella Vita, I saw the Internet as a cold, impersonal place. I thought the foodie community was dominated by elderly wine connoisseurs. Then, I discovered blogs run by other girls around my age (like Izy) who were just as crazy about their Kitchen Aid mixers as I was. I began emailing and commenting on their recipes and pictures, and blogging became a conversation.

Cannella Vita has quite literally changed my life in many ways. If it weren't for my passion for good food (and my compulsion to take pictures of it), I would have never met Izy. I am thankful for Cannella Vita, as I now I have a stylish friend from merry old England.

With love,


  1. Beautiful how things work out sometimes. So glad the two of you finally got to meet each other.

  2. I'm SO glad you two were able to meet! Top With Cinnamon is how I found your blog and, wow, it is such a small world if you think about it :) By the way, your coffee ice cream is TO DIE FOR!!!! My husband and I have been savoring it and loving the crunch from the cacao nibs-thanks.

    1. YAY! I am so glad you got to make the coffee ice cream! If you get the chance, try the peach one as well while they are still in season (that is my personal fave!)

  3. LOVE THIS POST! I'm pretty dang excited for Christmas now hahah :)


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