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belly good crepes

{the master at work}
As you saw in my last post, I have been having a wonderful time exploring Japantown. Authentic Japanese things are a rarity on the East Coast (except in New York City). I always miss the functional stationery, the sleek homewares, and most of all, the sweets. 


Many will probably kill me for saying this.... but even the French have nothing on Japanese patisserie. From meticulously constructed Mont Blancs, to rich, buttery honey toast -- the Japanese have pastry down to a science. One of my favorite confections are Japanese crepes. They are a very popular street food -- and can be seen being toted around Tokyo, overflowing with fresh whipped cream.  Although quite similar to French crepes, they have been adapted to suit Japanese tastes with fillings like red bean paste, green tea ice cream, and condensed milk.
I had been itching to go to Belly Good CafĂ© & Crepes after walking past their enticing display and breathing in the heavenly aroma of fresh crepe batter and cream all day.  I finally got my chance after dinner.

{japanese restaurants always have plastic food displayed in the storefront}
When I got to Belly Good Crepes, my heart sank when I saw that they were taking down their banner for the night. I quickly ran up to the counter (thank you track team!) and the owner smiled, and said that mine would be the last crepe of the day.  I went with #24 which was filled with red bean paste, condensed milk and cornflake -- I have always been a fan of Japanese flavors.

{my crepe}
It was such a treat to watch him artfully craft my crepe with the utmost efficiency, focus, and skill. He spread the batter into a perfect, paper thin layer and flipped it with gentle, meticulous ease. He designs each crepe into a different little creature for each customer. I saw the people before me leave with adorable bears, bunnies and cats.

{my crepe in progress}

I kept trying to peer over the counter to see what he was doing (he wasn't rushing, even though I was the last one of the day). Finally, he handed me my masterpiece. I got a little rooster made from a dollop of whipped cream with cornflake wings and marshmallow eyes. It was almost too cute to eat. Almost.

The salt, sugar, texture and elasticity was just right. The sweet condensed milk, fresh, sweet whipped cream, red bean and crunchy cornflakes were all spread perfectly throughout the crepe.
All I can say is these crepes were "belly good."

With love,

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  1. Aww it looks so adorable. ^_^ As the saying goes "you can't eat your cake and have it too", but you can if you take a picture of it before you eat it xD. Adding this place to my foodie bucket list.


    1. I love that saying! Haha it is definitely a must see if you are in San Fran!


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